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We are Doers.

The Story

Collaboration. Community. Connection. People.

It all started with a group of transplants looking to connect with fellow creatives. Faced with a common problem and no solution - we did what any doers do, we built it. 


We started with our 4 core values, collaboration, community, connection, and people. Every action we have taken started with those 4 driving principles in mind. 

We've been there, each of us creators looking for community, connection, collaboration, and people. That's why we built PLUG.

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Meet The Team

Landon Price

A passionate photographer, Landon began building his personal photography business in entertainment one connection at a time. 

James McKenney

An experienced operations and strategy leader. James started creating as a member of the early Uber and Lyft teams. He continues collaborating as a consultant for startups in multiple industries.

Cesar Paz
Co-founder/Head of Creative

An ardent community builder with a drive to create. He's held roles as head of marketing and brand director for Chirpfest Music Festival, Novelty Growth, and Plug Live. The latter an event company he started to bring creatives together for special events in Indianapolis.

Brendan Baar

With a background in the creative industry, Brendan first connected with Landon to make digital content when the idea for PLUG was just a seed. A passionate creator he founded Archive Collective (Digital Media Agency) and Outer Limits Records.

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